Helen Paul (L2 head coach), Ashley Taylor (L2 coach), Katie Armstrong (L2 coach), Suzy Bennett (L2 coach), Shiela Raine (L1 coach), Louise Cooper (L1 coach), Amy Howarth,Chloe Verrell, Amy Burrell, Florence sykes, Lauren Downes

Under 16 squad members

Imogen Whetton, Georgia Chapman, Julie Proctor, Anna Tyson,, Sarah Oakley, Becky Thompson, Francine Glanville, Heather Bland, Anna Lowes

Under 15 Squad Members

Megan Hudson, Emily Lishman, Nicole Malloy, Joanna Keetley, Caitlyn Laddams, Chloe Robinson, Lizzie Bainbridge, Chelsea Dunbobbin, Emilie Hanley, Adele Graham, Suzannah Graham,

Under 14 Squad members

Amy Shepherd, Kelsey Chapman, Georgia Lowes , Eliza Gutteridge, Megan Allen, Sally Barker, Rebecca Alderson, Kayleigh Barnes, Molly Brabant,

Under 13 squad members

Chloe Longstaff, Emily Palmer, Katie Edgar, Tara Gaughn, Jade Pearson, Emily Clarke, Megan Hastwell, Katherine Marsden

Under 12 Squad members


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